A group of Elementary boys threw stones to the waters, competing who among them threw a stone that hopped the most before reaching u underwater.  This is commonly known by       the locals as “untol – untol”. 

   Two pairs of Elementary girls dug as they held a competition on which pair made the deepest hole in the sand. 


   A toddler ran through the sand and dipped into the salty sea waters wearing his birthday suit.  A white and brown colored puppy captured the hearts of kids and adults relaxing by the shore. 

A high school girl held a plastic bag with her right hand as her left hand carefully browsed through the sand.  Along with her younger sister, they searched for a variety of seashells that are highly needed for the younger sister’s shell wind chimes project.

Not too far from the shores are a floating small hut and a breaker where children and teens gather before jumping in for an underwater dive. The breaker was built to protect the shores and the city from larger waves.





Simply beautiful and embraced by the afterglow light, memories of happiness, love and aqua nature hit the boulevard like waves mildly crashing onshore.

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