The Our Lady of Assumption’s image stood 36 ft. Conquer more than 300 steps and ascends towards the shrine that is 310 ft. above sea level and located at Barangay Mantahan.  Our Lady wears the colours white and blue signifying her purity, royalty and following God’s Commandments.

Three angels stood before Mama Mary, blowing trumpets and symbolizing her announcement to let us give ourselves back to Jesus.  The shrine’ second part is a chapel wherein the Holy Trinity and seven Archangels are placed together with the Blessed Mother crowned as queen. 


The third part is the sacristy which is a little convent for adoration.  A function hall is also completed as the fourth part of the shrine.  Last 2012, both Christ the King image and Christ riding a Donkey image were added.  The final structure was the Holy Spirit that was added last year 2019 and can be seen at the chapel’s entrance.


The history and realization of Our Lady of Assumption Shrine originated through three dreams/visions of a widow named Milagros Gaviola Laraga vda. De Castro.  Her first dream was Christ the King on November 25, 1981.  Her second dream/vision was the Lord on August 29, 1984 carrying the Blessed Mother Patroness’ replica and saying “Let us love my mother for she is the mother of us all.”   Her final dream/vision was during a Misa de Gallo on December 16, 1993 as the Lord rode a donkey saying “I am here now because I am king”.


The corner stone of the foundation was laid out on September 8, 1984, approved by our late Diocesan Bishop Vicente T. Ataviado on June 27, 1994 and seconded by the late Archbishop Emeritus Mariano Garces Gaviola on November 12, 1994.  These events led to the building and completion of projects and structures of the shrine along with the help from the LAITY (Our Lady of Assumption Shrine Association) members, lot donors (JArabe, Llevares, Leyson, Espina, CAdavos), sponsors, and benefactors.

Brgy. Mantahan is 5 – 10 minutes or less from the city proper and if you travel through tricycle (this information is for tourists/visitors arriving either from the pier or terminal), the fee is eight Philippine pesos (Php 8.00) per person.

You may share through prayer your good times and things you are worried or troubled about with her as well as absorb the beautiful view of Maasin City including its nature and skies.