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      There are more than 550 concrete stairways to overcome leading to the cave on top of the hill Monte Cueva.  At the shrine, small sari–sari store is also available wherein you can buy snacks and bottled waters.  There is also an area where candles can be lit and areas where the Holy masses preside.

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        A mass schedule table is provided below.

 Wednesday          6:00 PM  Sunday           10:00 AM

      The Monte Cueva Shrine started out as a private site owned by Atty. Joaquin Jr.  and Florencia "Loring" Chung who later donated it to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maasin.  The said shrine allows the community to experience meaningful and deeper connection with God and the Patroness of Maasin in the site.  Its origin began with the landowner Atty. Joaquin Chung Jr.’s dream about the Lady of Assumption’s request to build a shrine in that specific area.  Since then, he built the shrine and passed the ownership and management to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maasin.

      Reaching the area is fairly accessible and located at Brgy. Rizal.  Motorcycle/tricycle drivers know the place very well and Monte Cueva is about 5-10 minutes.  For those tourists/visitors arriving either from the pier or terminal, the tricycle fee ranges between Php 10.00 and Php 15.00 per person.

      For additional exercise, you may walk and enjoy the shade from the trees as you safely pass by various homes.

      Not only will your body be able to release endorphins (also known as the “happy hormones”), you can also peacefully spend time with nature and God. 

      For more inquiries, please contact the Our Lady of Assumption Parish office with their landlines 053 – 3812079 and 053 – 5709712.